Matthew Olinger-The Hobbit

Author of Book: Dale Carnegie
Date Read: November 5, 2023

Book Report

Why I read The Hobbit:  

I ventured into “The Hobbit” captivated by J.R.R. Tolkien’s enchanting world-building and timeless storytelling. The allure of an epic adventure in Middle-earth, accompanied by Bilbo Baggins, fascinated me. Tolkien’s richly imagined landscapes, intricate characters, and the hero’s journey offered an escape into a fantastical realm. The quest for treasure, encounters with mythical creatures, and Bilbo’s transformation from a timid hobbit to an unexpected hero intrigued me. Beyond its fantasy, the book’s themes of courage, friendship, and personal growth resonated deeply. Reading “The Hobbit” was a journey into a magical universe, sparking imagination and imparting enduring lessons on bravery and self-discovery.

What I learned from The Hobbit:

“The Hobbit” imparted profound lessons interwoven within its fantastical narrative. Tolkien’s tale illuminated the essence of courage amid adversity, demonstrated through Bilbo Baggins’ unexpected heroism. His transformation from a hesitant hobbit to a resilient adventurer underscored the power of personal growth and resilience in the face of challenges. The companionship forged during the quest highlighted the importance of unity and diverse strengths in achieving common goals. Moreover, the narrative emphasized the repercussions of greed and the significance of choosing wisdom over material gain. Ultimately, “The Hobbit” offered timeless wisdom on bravery, camaraderie, and the unforeseen strength found within oneself, leaving an enduring imprint on the essence of perseverance and noble virtues.

How will reading The Hobbit contribute to my preparations for success upon release? 

Reading “The Hobbit” presents invaluable parallels to post-release success. Bilbo Baggins’ journey mirrors the transitional phases one undergoes upon reintegration. His transformation from an unassuming hobbit to a courageous hero embodies personal growth and resilience. Learning from Bilbo’s encounters with challenges and unexpected situations, I glean insights into adaptability, facing uncertainties, and embracing newfound roles. The camaraderie and diverse strengths within the fellowship underscore the importance of collaboration and leveraging individual strengths for collective success. Moreover, the narrative’s cautionary elements about greed and the pursuit of wisdom over material gain serve as poignant reminders for making sound decisions. “The Hobbit” becomes a metaphorical guide, imparting wisdom on resilience, camaraderie, adaptability, and making principled choices for a successful post-release journey.