Matthew Olinger-Extreme Ownership

Author of Book: Trevor Noah
Date Read: October 24, 2023

Book Report

Why I read Extreme Ownership:  

I read “Extreme Ownership” for various reasons, and here are a few of the reasons and main lessons that I found reading the book.

Leadership Development: The book is authored by former Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, and it offers insights into their combat experiences and leadership principles. Reading it helped me develop and enhance my leadership skills.

Personal Growth: “Extreme Ownership” promotes a mindset of taking full responsibility for your actions and decisions. It inspires personal growth and self-improvement.

Business and Management: The book provides valuable lessons in applying military leadership principles to the business world. It is a resource for managers and entrepreneurs looking to improve their organizational and leadership skills.

Team Collaboration: The book’s emphasis on teamwork, accountability, and communication helped me understand how to create a more effective and cohesive team.

Motivation and Discipline: The authors’ stories and lessons on discipline, determination, and motivation are motivating and inspiring for individuals seeking to overcome challenges and obstacles in their personal and professional lives.

Problem-Solving: The book offers strategies for problem-solving and decision-making. It is useful for me because I am looking to develop my decision-making skills and learn how to handle difficult situations effectively.

Military Interest: I have always been fascinated with military history, tactics, and the experiences of special operations forces like the Navy SEALs, “Extreme Ownership” provides a firsthand account of their missions and the leadership principles applied in high-stakes situations.

How will reading Extreme Ownership contribute to my preparations for success upon release?  

Reading “Extreme Ownership” significantly contributed to my preparations for success upon release from prison in several ways:

Ownership and Accountability: The book emphasizes taking full responsibility for your actions and decisions. Understanding and applying this principle will help me develop a strong sense of accountability, which is crucial for personal and professional success.

Leadership Skills: “Extreme Ownership” offers valuable insights into leadership and teamwork, which are transferable skills applicable in various aspects of life. Learning about leadership will help me build positive relationships, make better decisions, and become an effective leader in my personal and professional endeavors.

Problem-Solving: The book provides strategies for effective problem-solving, a skill that can be invaluable as I navigate the challenges and obstacles I may encounter upon release. Learning to approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset will improve my adaptability and resilience.

Discipline and Determination: The authors’ experiences and stories highlight the importance of discipline and determination in achieving success. These qualities will help me stay focused on my goals, maintain a strong work ethic, and overcome setbacks.

Motivation: Reading about the authors’ experiences and their unwavering determination can be highly motivating. It inspired me to set and pursue ambitious goals, even in the face of adversity.

Teamwork and Communication: The book emphasizes the importance of effective teamwork and communication. These skills are essential for success in personal and professional relationships, whether you’re working with a team, building a support network, or seeking employment.

Adaptability: The book’s lessons on adaptability and the ability to learn from failures will help me navigate a changing environment and make adjustments as necessary.

Goal Setting: “Extreme Ownership” inspired me to set clear goals and develop a plan for achieving them. Goal setting is a fundamental component of success.

By reading and internalizing the principles in “Extreme Ownership,” I can better prepare for success upon release by equipping myself with the mindset and skills necessary to take control of my life, make positive changes, and achieve my goals. It provides a valuable roadmap for personal and professional growth, making it a useful resource as I work toward a successful future.