Matthew Olinger-Earning Freedom

Author of Book: Michael Santos
Date Read: August 31, 2023

Book Report

Why I read Earning Freedom:

The book, “Earning Freedom” by Michael Santos is an indispensable guide and source of hope. Santos’ firsthand account of his transformation from an inmate to a respected contributor to society offers invaluable insights. His experiences navigating the system, advocating for his rights, and utilizing education as a path to rehabilitation provide practical advice and inspiration. I found a roadmap for self-improvement, resilience, and a way to break free from the challenges of the criminal justice system. Santos’ story underscores the potential for reform and reintegration, offering a beacon of optimism for those seeking redemption and a second chance.

What I learned from reading Earning Freedom:

“Earning Freedom” by Michael Santos imparts crucial life lessons through his remarkable journey from incarceration to redemption. First, it underscores the power of personal agency—Santos demonstrates that individuals can take control of their destinies, even within the confines of the criminal justice system. Second, it highlights the transformative potential of education, as he uses learning to transcend the limitations of his environment. Additionally, the book sheds light on the flaws within the prison system, advocating for reforms that promote rehabilitation over punishment. Ultimately, “Earning Freedom” serves as a testament to resilience, determination, and the human capacity for change, inspiring all to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives.

How will reading Earning Freedom contribute to my preparations for success upon release?

Reading “Earning Freedom” by Michael Santos will significantly enhance preparations for success in life after navigating the criminal justice system. Santos’ personal journey offers invaluable guidance by showcasing the transformative power of determination, education, and resilience within the criminal justice system. His experiences navigating challenges, advocating for personal growth, and redefining success provide practical insights. I have developed a strategic perspective based on setting and achieving goals, developing a positive mindset, and building a support network. Moreover, Santos’ emphasis on contribution to society has inspired me to envision a purposeful life, motivating me to acquire skills and make constructive choices. This book serves as a roadmap to reclaiming my life and achieving success beyond my current circumstances.