Gary Goulin-The Razor’s Edge:A Memoir by Charlie G. Powers

Author of Book: Charlie G. Powers
Date Read: March 22, 2024

Book Report

Book Report #9 Written by Gary Goulin – March 22, 2024

Title of Book: The Razor’s Edge – A Memoir by Charlie G. Powers

Author of Book: Charlie G. Powers

Date Completed: March 22, 2024

Why I Chose to Read This Book:

This book came highly recommended as a story of redemption and forgiveness.

Summary of Book:

This short book was a memoir written by Charlie G. Powers. He grew up in Virginia, the son of a Navy man. He was a self-described wild child, often getting into trouble. He enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school and fought in the Vietnam War. Upon his return, he joined the Local Law Enforcement in rural Maine. It was there he made a very bad choice, as he described it, by agreeing to assist a local marijuana dealer with a shipment of the drug. He was paid more money than he could earn in weeks. The shipment went without a hitch and he began to assist the dealer with more shipments. He was eventually caught and sent to prison. While in prison, he took stock of his life and decided to turn it around. In prison, he took classes, excelled at his job, never got into trouble, and earned the trust of the prison officials. He was granted early release, got a steady, law-abiding job which he held for over 20 years, made amends to those he had hurt or harmed, and lived a happy life. He has since retired.

Lessons Learned:

It’s very easy to make bad choices.
Taking ownership of your bad choices and forgiving yourself help one to move forward and to successfully rebuild ones life as a law- abiding citizen.
Happiness and a peaceful life can be achieved after incarceration.

How This Book Can Help Me While Incarcerated and Upon My Release:

I identified greatly with the author of the book. I too, made very bad choices that led to my incarceration.

Taking Mr. Powers example, I intend to be a model inmate like he was: staying out of trouble, following all rules, being respectful, and performing my best for any job assigned to me. Like him, I intend to earn the minimum time possible off my sentence for my good behavior.

I liked the author’s theme of self-forgiveness, and I need to work on that during my time here.

My life is not defined by my bad choices. Forgiving myself, paying my debt to society and relieving myself of the shame of my bad choices, will go a long way in providing me the mindset to achieve a successful re-entry to society and to live a happy, fulfilled, law-abiding life.